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Information is the lifeblood of business today. Whether hiring a key employee or entering into a new business relationship, companies with superior information will make better business decisions and substantially reduce risk. Performing investigations is not a luxury; it is an essential element of sound business practice. RAI works in over 140 countries to obtain the vital information business leaders need to make informed decisions. Trust RAI for all your investigative needs.
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"Do you know your responsibilites under the E-Verify program?  Click here for more information regarding State and Federal E-Verify requirements. "

Kevin P. Prendergast
President & General Counsel

Trust RAI
for all your Investigative Needs

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An ill-informed hiring decision can cost a company dearly. A dishonest employee can ruin a company’s reputation and bottom line. An employee with a checkered past can expose a company to civil liability and damages. An employee who does not fit within an organization or position can result in wasted training and administrative costs.


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Before entering into a new business relationship, would you deem the following information relevant:

  • A prospective customer or client with current or past financial troubles?
  • A potential supplier with a history of lawsuits for breach of contract?
  • An acquisition target whose operations or principals exist only on paper?
  • A partner to a strategic alliance with ties to organized crime or a criminal history?
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Whether the inquiry is in Athens, Georgia or Athens, Greece, RAI has the world covered. 

Since 1953, we have carefully hand-picked a worldwide network of affiliates which is unmatched in the industry. We provide seamless coverage throughout North America and in every commercial location worldwide.


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RAI is the leader in delivering corporate investigative services since 1953. Our clients include Law and Accounting Firms, Fortune 500 Companies, and private organizations large and small.

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